9 months of marriage, 5 months till the baby carriage

Posted: May 8, 2010 in Uncategorized

Nine months ago today I joined in a covenant before God and man with the most beautfiul being, both inside and out, my eyes have ever laid upon. Amber and I met at the Moody Bible Institute (MBI) and had I known she was the one I’d marry some day, I would’ve asked her the day we met!

Amber, Am, or Angel grew up in Africa. She grew up in several different countries and she brought all of those often thought of memories back with her to the States and eventually to MBI. How was I ever going to join those memories and be one which was thought of more often than not? I never thought this side of heaven I would marry such an angel and delight as Am, but God’s grace abounds and God lavished me in it by granting me this woman.

Now here we are, nine months later, with our first child on the way, due in October. Today, this moment, I’m more in adoration of my Am then ever. She brightens my day without fail. Her godly discipline warms my heart – o, how I love this woman who reads her Bible often. Her beauty radiates from her, turning the head of every man on the street, until I give them an eye and their heads stop turning.

My betterhalf she truly is, and life without her would not be life. We have yielded our marriage and one another into the hands of the Lord, and we look for Him to do as He may with us.

Amber Christine, thank you for being you.


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