Cell Theory & The Reality of the Centrality of Christ

Posted: June 16, 2010 in Uncategorized

What has the cellular theory to say about Christianity? Not a whole lot. BUT if you will return with me for a moment to Biology class, the parallels we can glean from the theory do help us better understand our basics as Christians.

The Cell theory is as stated:
1 – All living things are composed of cells.
2 – The cell is the fundamental unit of life.
3 – All cells arise from previous cells.

I would like to take this as instead of talking about a theory, talk about truth – God’s truth.

For Christianity, the above three hallmarks of the cell theory may look like this:
1 – All Christians find their identity in Jesus Christ. This means we are to live in such a way that who we identify ourselves with (Christ) is evident in any way possible to those who do not (Eph. 1; 1 Pet. 2).
2 – Christ is the fundamental Builder for all of life and existence (Prov. 8; Col. 1). If you read through Proverbs 8 and Colossians 1 (as well as other passages) it will be evident that Christ is supreme in all things. And, at this, that we turn to him through his word for counsel on how to live life.
3 – All Christians became a Christian by hearing the gospel from another Christian (at best and at most).

The third one has a huge implication. If all Christians became a Christian from hearing the gospel from another Christian, then it follows that part of being a Christian involves sharing the gospel.

Perhaps this analogy will help us better grasp the picture of being in Christ and his centrality in all things.

It is crucial to know one more thing about cells: if a virus enters the body which cannot be controlled, cells will begin to die off. If too many cells die – the body dies.

This is what cancer does to the body. In like manner, when spiritual cancer – sin – enters the spiritual body – our inner person – at less we stand firm and resist (Eph. 6), we will be taken over and Christ will play a less prominent place in our life. This will lead to at least three things:
1 – Greater detriment of the Christian body as a whole (the church).
2 – God’s glory being displayed less to other people who do not know him.
3 – We ourselves will walk in conviction and contradiction from our identity – Christ.

May we strive to make Christ and his commands central to our life, family, relationships, job, home, and so forth.

  1. Laura says:

    Your blog has gotten so fancy.

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