A Man’s Highest Calling –> Fatherhood

Posted: June 22, 2010 in Uncategorized

It is an often discussed question in our current culture regarding whether or not a woman’s highest calling is to be a wife and mother. There is, however, another side to this coin which has seemingly been left un-discussed: Is not the highest calling of a man to be a father? Does not ministry begin in the home?

Of course in asking this question, fatherhood would need to be defined. However, here I am simply attempting to raise some thoughts about men being fathers in the world today. Furthermore, both for men and women in Christ, as a people, our highest calling is to live our lives unto the One who calls us to himself, making him our supreme desire. Fatherhood is but one of the great ways men – who are fathers – get to live out this highest calling.

This past Father’s Day I was privileged to speak to a youth group in Michigan regarding their call to be a part of God’s team and pursue his mission of the Great Commission. During the hours of preparation I spent for the message, I found myself for the first time as a expectant father realising that some day – Lord willing – my son will be faced with the decision to follow Christ and his claims.

This thought left me dumbfounded, but humbled. I realized anew and afresh the need to prepare to embrace fatherhood with the same passion Amber and I share for the Lord and his service.

In a world desperate for good fathers, may it be that I and others are equally as excited and passionate about the home front and our need to be there as we are about the sea of people around us, their need for the gospel, and where we think our specific place in all of that is.

One thing I have been reading up on lately is communication with your child while he or she is still in the womb. Amazing as it is, the unborn child is alive and well in the womb and can hear the outside world. As a result of this, Amber and I have been attempting to read a Proverb each night aloud to our little handsome squirming gummy bear. As we do this, my heart overflows with warmth in realising the dialogue between a father and son – as seen in the book of Proverbs – has already begun. Will our early attempt at training up our child in the way he should go reap a manifold blessing of a child who walks the straight and narrow? Regardless if so, may we continue to passionately embrace parenthood, realising that as our heavenly Father makes us the center of his love and care, so too are we called to do with our child.

I believe ministry begins on the home front as parenthood, being the highest calling for a husband and wife. Could this mean hard work and self-sacrifice? Duh. Is it worth it? Of course.

For the Dad out there who feels as though he has blown it and wasn’t a good father, be encouraged knowing there is still time to work toward making the most of what is left.

For the new Dad or those with me who are expecting Fathers, may we seek the wisdom of Dads who serve as good examples of fatherhood. Pray for me as I do for you as we strive together to figure out how to be fathers in our world today, for our children – to the glory of God.

For Am and I, our blessing from the Lord will hopefully have arrived by this time in October. Surely there will be plenty of diapers to minister to – all in love.


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