Hutcheson Household Update 01

Posted: July 20, 2010 in Uncategorized

God has been immensely kind to Am and I in recent days. Although we began with a few early scares in Amber’s pregnancy, all seems to be well now, and our baby boy is growing accordingly. We are greatly looking forward to the arrival of our first child this October!


We recently took a two week trip down to Florida where Amber had her first baby shower. We were able to visit with several friends and family, as well as have an important meeting with a church regarding us going overseas in 2011.





One afternoon in Jacksonville we went to the beach. While throwing the football around, my wedding ring slipped right off and into the middle of the ocean. Distraught over losing my ring, I looked to my wife and said “Hunbun, please, comfort me with something from the Bible!” She replied, “Well, God says ‘seek and you shall find!'” Not exactly the encouragement I was looking for, but nevertheless, it made the recent loss easier to get over.

Am’s family also came down and joined us in the Sunshine state. We spent a few days in Orlando, going to Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure. I once believed roller coasters were not of God, however, my views on this have changed. I rode some coasters and have obviously survived. I even had fun on them!

As you may know, we recently moved from inner-city Chicago to rural Michigan. I have recently been hired by a church in the neighboring city of Muskegon. They have asked me to be their youth pastor and to work alongside the senior pastor in the areas needed. We are excited about the things the Lord has been doing in our life and look forward to the things He has in store for us!

Things to pray for:

  • The remainder of Amber’s pregnancy; that our baby boy will be born healthy.
  • I will need a second job to compliment the job at the church.
  • That the Lord will use us as he sees fit, while living in Michigan.
  1. Aaron Tison says:

    Hey man. This is incredible. Thank you for taking the time to do this not just for us but for the Lord as well.

    What is your new address? Aaron

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