Our Circumstances Are for the Gospel – Philippians 1:12-14 Part 2 of 2

Posted: September 4, 2010 in Uncategorized

Often difficult to do, but nonetheless crucial to life is the need to navigate the times and circumstances we as Christians are living in today.

There exists now, more prominent than ever, a growing false creed which says happiness is only attainable with material things. Thus, there is no longer teaching on what is a need or a want, rather, all things which are “wants” are advertised in the world as crucial needs for daily life to occur. Sadly, evangelical Christianity has lost ground in this area as often times we find our churches and the administrations working within looking more like businesses with a tall ladder which must be climbed if you want to be viewed successful. We are chained to this thinking and are losing sight of the call to yield our lives not to look more like the world, rather, to live understanding life equals living for Christ and to die is gain. These, amidst many, are the circumstances we find ourselves in.

As we find Paul writing from Rome, also in chains, we see in Philippians 1:12-14 some tokens of application which may serve our souls well.


– Paul has learned to see his circumstances are part of a larger story, the story of God’s inbreaking kingdom into human history.

– It pleases God when we see all of our life, good days and bad days, in light of him being our reference point.

– Every circumstance we find ourselves in on a daily basis is an opportunity to react in a way in which will either please God or not. If it pleases God, then it has the potential to help others see how our life is guided by Him.

Can we be a people in today’s time who like Paul, was convinced that God is directing our personal life and circumstances as much as he is the more general spread of the gospel? For as Christians, our life and God’s story cannot be divorced. Our life, private and public; our choices, large or small; our circumstances, good or not so good, are all opportunities for us to rejoice in God with gratitude, or willingly depend upon him for deliverance. By doing such, it will in turn make us more gospel and God centered, which in turn, will bring God glory.

Now we can honestly say, that to live is Christ, and to die is great gain.


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