Gleanings From Goldingay

Posted: September 17, 2010 in Uncategorized

I am currently reading through Old Testament Theology by John Goldingay.


Here’s a quote from the book, really bringing to life all the more the reality of God in our lives:

“Paradise (Garden of Eden) is like Egypt with its Nile, not dependent on rainfall. Like other aspects of gardening, this means that the man’s task will involve hard work, but work that is resourced and can succeed, not work doomed to failure.

The river that miraculously emerges from the ground, like the Jordan, then becomes the headwaters of 4 rivers. Two are the well-known Tigris and Euphrates. Gihon is elsewhere the spring that that waters Jerusalem, but is here a river in Sudan, implying the Nile. Pishon is otherwise unknown, though Havilah is probably in Arabia (cf. Gen. 10:7, 29; 25:18). Perhaps the names suggest that the river in Eden is the source of water to the north / northeast (Mesopotamia), to the south (Africa / Arabia) and to Jerusalem itself. The geography is imaginary, but it makes a realistic point. God’s creation is the source of life for the entire world. The event described in Genesis 2 is not an imaginary one. God really did shape human beings and set them about their work. These are events that are so real they can in principle be located on the map. Genesis 2 is not a myth about how things always are, but a story about something that happened.”

God really did create the earth that it may be plain he is the source of life. Today, a different time then the time of creation, may we live in such a way that it may be made plain we have been given new life, but from the same source, the Creator – God himself.


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