The Changing of Ezra’s Name to Isaiah

Posted: October 2, 2010 in Uncategorized

As parents you face many decisions regarding your child’s life. One of them of course is choosing the name by which the child will be known by for the entirety of their life. Being this was our first child, Am and I had an interesting time discovering what our newborn son would be called.

Our son was born last Saturday (9/25) at 4:55 p.m. As he was born, their were two names we were considering: Ezra or Isaiah. An hour or so after he was born, we felt his name was to be Ezra. We cannot say we were completely at peace with Ezra for his name, but with him coming three weeks early, we felt like we needed to make a decision.

Well, we went home on Monday morning only to be called back into the hospital on Tuesday night due to our son having jaundice. His bilirubin count was quite high and they wanted us to stay for at least two nights, if not more, until it came down. As we were in the hospital, we suddenly felt quite unsettled about his name being Ezra.

One thing which contributed to us being quite unsettled about his name being Ezra was the fact that several people, based on seeing just his name, thought he was a baby girl. We also heard from others’ honest and much appreciated opinion that Ezra did sound like a baby girl’s name. Now, it would be easy for me to find these folks as heathens who have never read the Bible, but that would be wrong. So, as Amber and I lay in the hospital and talked, and as our little guy slept under his bili-lights, we began to discuss changing his name from Ezra to Isaiah.

We prayed about it, talked about it, and read a great deal of Isaiah. Then, one confirming happening took place: I called the county clerk’s office just to ask what it would take in order to change his name. They shared with us that they had yet to receive any information on a certain Ezra Hutcheson. They suggested we start with the hospital.

This came as a shock as he was then 5 days old and normally the birth certificate would have been received by the courthouse or clerk’s office by now. I went back to the OB floor of the hospital and the same nurse we had the day after the delivery was there. She instantly recognized me and asked why I had returned. I told her we were considering changing his name and she even said she thought for sure his birth certificate had been sent in to the clerk’s office. She called medical records just to double check, and in calling she received the news that because our son was born on the weekend, his papers had yet to be processed and the opportunity to change his name would not merely be possible, but actually quite easy.

As hard as it was to let go of the name Ezra, we nevertheless fell in love with the name Isaiah. Hence, we have changed our baby boy’s name from Ezra Mark Hutcheson to Isaiah Mark Hutcheson. As you may know, we had a verse for him when his name was Ezra which was Ezra 7:10: “Ezra had resolved in his heart to study the law of the Lord, obey it, and to teach it to the people.” We decided not to change his name until we had a verse picked out for him. For Isaiah, his verse is Isaiah 26:8 which says

“LORD, we show our trust in You by obeying Your laws; Your name and Your renown are the desire of our hearts.”

We were discharged from the hospital on Friday morning. We want to thank you for praying for baby Isaiah and we look forward to you meeting the little guy!

Here's baby Isaiah now back home. The doctor said Isaiah has to wear his bili-light blanket for a little while longer. He's going to have an extra tan belly!

  1. Aunt Linda says:

    Drew & Amber – You have chosen wisely and with God’s guidance. Onward! Others may not understand the process, but I commend you for going forward based on aligning your hearts with the prompts of God rather than the words of man.

    I smiled when I read of your little man’s records not having been sent out for registration yet. My sister had the same thing happen 24 years ago with her Rebekah. They went home from the hospital with her having the more common spelling of the name – Rebecca, but struggled afterward as they truly wanted the Biblical spelling. I believe she was between one and two weeks old when they called the courthouse to investigate the change process and found the records were actually misplaced and STILL at the hospital! That incident became another standing stone in the growth of my family’s faith in something fairly insignificant to others, but huge to my sister and her husband. About a decade later, my brother-in-love felt a call to full time ministry, went back to college (actually was a freshman in one of the very same classes his own SON had as a freshman, also, at Indiana Wesleyan) – and the rest is history. He’s a senior pastor at a church in Indy. God is so much fun… especially when we continue ‘trust & obey’. Love you guys…

  2. drewreview says:

    Aunt Linda,

    Thank you so much for your encouraging message! It has been a roller coaster ride trying to name our little guy- since the moment we found out I was pregnant! The Lord has been teaching us so much about sacrifice, understanding, patience, and now humility through this whole process! We love the name Ezra and thought that was what God wanted for our little man but, for some reason, he wanted this son to be our little Isaiah. We are pretty sure we will use Ezra for a future son but it wasn’t mean to be this time. I think the hardest part in all this was having humility to say that we made a mistake! But it is always better in the long run to do what God calls you to do and we feel confident that though others may not understand, this is what we needed to do. Thanks for your support! We love you both very much!!


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