Sharing Christ With Joe McKinney

Posted: October 20, 2010 in Uncategorized

Joe and I had just returned from the Philippines and were at a movie theater in Jacksonville. As we were leaving, we were stunned by the sea of people before us and because we had so recently been abroad sharing the gospel regularly with people, we thought we might as well try it here in America (what an ingenious idea).

Joe asked me if I wanted to start sharing Christ with any of these people standing outside of the theater. When he asked me, in my cowardice I’m sure I replied with something like “I didn’t think you had it in you so I didn’t ask you first!”

That night we didn’t see anyone trust Christ, but we did the following Friday night.

Little did Joe and I know what God was about to do next. Two Fridays later, we sent out a mass email inviting people to come and join us. Many showed up.

Joe and I then put what few brains we had together and came up with a plan to do this every Friday night and to go to different highly populated areas in Jacksonville to share the Gospel. We even gave this outreach a name: Go & Tell.

One time we had nearly 30 people from different churches, colleges, and high schools show up! We often saw people trust Christ. God was doing a great work.

How does this pertain to you?

God is waiting to do a work through you, a great work. Joe and I simply just shared Christ one random night at a movie theater, but God took that and did something greater with it. He wants to do the same through you. Maybe it’s through the work of prayer, encouragement, sharing your faith, or giving. Whatever it may be, He is waiting to do the work through you and me, He just needs us to be willing.

In Acts 17, the disciples had been sharing Christ and those who didn’t believe said that “these men [the disciples] have turned the world upside down.” What started off with a band of misfits (the 12 disciples), became many more who seemingly “turned the world upside down” for Christ. Go & Tell may not have turned the world upside down for Christ. But it did bring people to know Christ and helped to get Christians involved in sharing their faith.

Maybe God is wanting to turn the world upside down again, but this time, through you.

Simple acts with eternal effect: Turning the world upside down for Christ happens by turning one life at a time towards Christ, as seen in this video.


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