Caring For Isaiah

Posted: November 10, 2010 in Uncategorized

Caring for Isaiah has been a delight in which words are to poor to describe. I have loved walking to his crib to look at him whether at 3:30 in the morning or right after we put him down just to check on him again. Indeed, children are a gift from God and how anyone could go through a pregnancy and witness a birth and still ponder over whether God exists, I don’t understand.

Lately, I have been writing Isaiah letters, telling him about his early days and first 5 or so weeks with us. Hopefully one day, he will read these letters and read how he grew so quickly out of some of his clothes, or how he makes mommy smile so big when she holds him. Maybe he’ll laugh when he reads of how he has peed on mommy when she has changed his diaper (he’s yet to do this to daddy!). Or, maybe Isaiah will smile when he reads of how his dad and mom love taking care of him.

Last week I decided it was time for Isaiah to begin learning how to read. So, of the books I could have picked from, I thought the Bible may be a good one to start with. And, of the many books in the Bible, how fitting it is to begin with Isaiah. So, we’ve been reading the book of Isaiah to Isaiah. I know he must love reading about idols and God’s judgment!

One thing is for sure, baby Isaiah sure loves mommy! (who doesn’t love his mommy?!) I can be holding Isaiah who has a clean diaper on, just finished eating, yet has some reason to cry so loud you’d think he’s trying to shatter our windows. But, then, I place him in the hands of mommy and like pushing the mute button on a remote, he instantly stops crying.

Every inch of parenting, at least for me, has come as a learning process. Whether it is how to properly feed a bottle to Isaiah, put a diaper on, or dress him, or strapping him in his carseat, I have had to look to my wife to show me how. Nevertheless, I love being a dad and having a wife who knows how to care for a child so well is a real treasure.


  1. drewreview says:

    Our son is just the cutest little boy I ever did lay eyes on- hopefully he will grow into a handsome man just like his daddy!

    Isaiah’s mommy

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