Run! It’s The Devil!

Posted: December 7, 2010 in Uncategorized

No, Marilyn Manson is not the Devil. Nevertheless, the Devil is just as real as Marilyn Manson.

Often times folks wonder what or who the Devil is and what his job in life is. 1 Peter 5:8 gives us great insight as to what the Devil does and how we are to live in light of him:

“Be on the alert!  Be constantly ready! Your enemy, the Devil, is constantly walking about you as a roaring lion, seeking someone to completely devour (destroy).”

The phrases “Be on the alert! Be constantly ready!” are an admonition for Christians to be both vigilant and focused (being self-controlled, not naive) in life. Hence, although we may be divinely protected by God Himself, we must still be constantly on guard as there is a very real demonic dimension which is hostile toward God’s children.

And what are we as Christians suppose to be on the alert for? Our enemy, the Devil. Now just who is this Devil?

The Devil is a being who lives to test our loyalty to Christ, tempting us to do things or pursue things which contradict Christian conduct. He attacks us in several ways:

  • placing slanderous thoughts in our head
  • troubling us with lies about our body image or abilities
  • tempting us with desires which are deceitful (an idolatrous want for money, popularity, degrees, sex, power, etc.)
  • planting seeds of bitterness within us which can sprout an inability to forgive and reconcile
  • hallmarks of jealously and selfish ambition which can evoke people to commit actions or think hurtful thoughts against others

Although our present verse does not give the origin of the Devil, it does teach us that he apparently is an enemy of Christians. Furthermore, in light of the way the verbs are used which modify “Devil,” we know that the Devil is constantly after our lives with the intention of completely destroying us which in turn, would damage the testimony of Christ.


1 – As a result of the Devil constantly pursuing us to destroy us, we must be on constant alert against him.

2 – We must also be in constant pursuit of Christ, the One who has ultimately defeated the Devil, and Who can help us withstand the Devil’s lures.

The phrase “destroy  us” in Greek, gives us a word picture which portrays the image of a tidal wave engulfing an area. Thus, the Devil wants to attack us in such a way that we are left without escape!

With there being so many ways the Devil seeks us out to destroy us, the question we can ask ourselves is what are the ways in your life you think the Devil may be pursuing you?

Whatever it may be, fear not, for “After you have suffered for a little while, the God of all grace who has called you to his eternal glory in Christ, will himself restore, confirm, strengthen, and establish you” (1 Peter 5:10). The suffering the Christians were experiencing in 1 Peter was probably more physical persecution, but an application as to how to deal with spiritual persecution and temptation can be drawn from these verses.

Verse 10 brings the light of hope-filled encouragement into the darkness of areas of life where we struggle with temptation as a result of the Devil’s pursuit of us. All temptation is momentary, and after a “little while,” God Himself will restore us from any affliction we experienced, as well as secure us by strengthening us for the next time we experience the Devil’s pursuit.

May we praise God for His enabling grace, propelling us to live in pursuit of holiness, while withstanding being pursued by our enemy!


3 – We do not have to run! We could not face the Devil alone, lest we lose every time! But praise God, we are not alone. God in Christ, through His Spirit, has promised us His provision, protection, and power. If we humble ourselves under His mighty hand (1 Peter 5:6), He will provide the way of escape and exalt (or lift us up out of) us in our time of need.


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