Facebook Fast: Will You Join Me?

Posted: January 20, 2011 in Uncategorized

Will you join me and take a short break from Facebook, call it a Facebook fast? Two days. That’s all. This Saturday and Sunday, returning to the climax of life for some of us on Monday.

But why?

A man named Dietrich Bonhoeffer once used the phrase “discipline of the secret” to define a practice of discipleship which involved nurturing our knowledge of God and Christian character.

For us, I’m taking this term and using it as a call for some of us to discover a discipline of the secret, and for others, to return to it: to begin a daily time of devotion (also known as a quiet time). Hence, I’m encouraging you to take the time you would normally spend on Facebook and instead, spend it in Scripture, reading God’s word, or praying.

Signs we need a break:

  • Saying you’ll get on Facebook for just a quick check of things, only to look back at the clock and see a whole hour just slipped by.
  • Spending more time on Facebook (or any other social tool) then physically with other people.
  • Statusing (I just made that word up, status-ing: updating your status, lol) multiple times a day (more than 3).
  • Asking others to be your friend when you don’t really know them, so that your friend count can be higher (I’m victim of this!)

Can you do it? 2 mere miserable days of Facebook deprivation? If you so chose to attempt this crushing social feat with me, I’m going to turn off my Facebook account sometime Friday and leave it off until Monday. Which probably means I’m turning my account off at 11:59 p.m. Friday and back on again at 12:00 a.m. Monday morning!

But is a fast for Christians only? No. If you’re not a Christian, you can still take a break from Facebook and supplement something else during this time. For example, if you’re without job, spend the time you would normally on Facebook filling out some applications (just an example).

I can hear some saying, “But I need Facebook over the weekend for work purposes!” Or, “I need it to correspond with friends or family!” I hear you. If you just absolutely cannot be without your Facing time for 2 days – while still having Skype, your cell, and email – then I understand. But who knows, maybe a short break may be good for you. Who knows, maybe spending those precious Facebook minutes with the Lord may help us reevaluate what’s really crucial and central in life.

Maybe then we’ll come closer to living the words of David in Psalms 73:28 that “the nearness of God is my good!”

11:59 p.m., Friday. It’s 5:00 a.m. on Thursday. We have well over 36 hours to let the Facebook world know we are disappearing for 2 days. I hope that’s enough time.


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