A Random Thought on Philanthropy

Posted: March 19, 2011 in Uncategorized

Is it not interesting how involved celebrities are and how often the church is found uninvolved in the areas of caring for the poor, the vulnerable, and victims of injustice?

Whether it is Angelina Jolie adopting an orphan, Oprah building a school in Africa, the Gates Foundation for World Hunger, or Bono meeting with congressmen, the church is not the only gathering of individuals who take note of the need around the world. Here’s the problem, the former are doing it out of a want to perhaps feel good about themselves, or guilty over having so much money, or to have a philanthropic reputation. Perhaps some of them do send aid to the poor because they hurt in their heart for the vulnerable. Whatever their motive is, it does not excuse the reality of a biblical mandate the church has to reach out to the poor, regardless if theirs millions of dollars in the budget or not.

No, most churches are not comprised of celebrities with millions and millions of dollars. But at the same time, each body of believers corporately together could do a bit more than what is currently being done to meet the litany of needs around the world. Each church could make budget cuts, and conduct their method of ecclesiology to become more missional and more giving. And, admittedly so, there are churches who are giving in abundance to the needs in their community and around the world and not a dash of any of this is being disclosed or published on CNN or Foxnews as it would perhaps be if these churches were full of celebrities.

I think this post is simply a random thought on philanthropy with intention. That intention may be more of a challenge and admonishment. And that challenge and admonishment would be this, to begin learning what are the needs within your community, what are the needs around the world, where do your passions and talents fit in to all of the needs? Or even to begin learning about what the Bible says about the poor and vulnerable, what does the Bible say about justice and our response to it. How about begin by praying and asking God to do a work in your heart, breaking it for the things which break his heart.

Join me in these and together lets learn of the profound needs around us and may we embark on doing something to make a difference because of our God on behalf of others, for the glory of God.


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