Proverbs 3 = A Desirable Life

Posted: April 28, 2011 in Uncategorized

I have been convincing myself that in ten simple verses of Proverbs 3 lie a description of a life most people would desire to have. Proverbs 3 is mostly noted for its often quoted fifth and sixth verses. However, if you review the first ten verses and take a keener look at them, you’ll find drawn an outline of a desirable life.

The even numbered verses refer to God’s obligations on behalf of his children. In like manner, the odd numbered verses refer to human obligations toward God.

I will be writing several posts on these ten verses in the days ahead. As I do so, I will be using Bruce Waltke’s Proverbs commentary to help me do so. For this first post, however, I will simply make some observations on these ten verses.

– Verses one and three serve as a direct call to study and memorize the wisdom of God, that is, his word.

– Verse two offsets with a conditional “If” which sets the tone for the subsequent verses. We can infer from this that the reward offered by God for doing what is required is to be found absent if we do not follow through.

– Verses one and three compliment one another again as “loyalty” and “kindness” in verse three serve as examples of the “things” in verse one.

– Verses five and seven compliment each other with a pair of negatives serving as beneficial warnings to trust God, as well as flee evil.

I look forward with excitement to covering these ten verses in the posts to follow. Surely, there is a life to be lived and lived well found in these verses which are filled with divine direction for anyone’s course in life.


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